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a legendary mentality is the

for sports and life transformation

gold standard

how strong is your mind?

why a personal coach?

instant results

A mentality coach offers rapid progress through targeted strategies.


The lasting mentality transformation boosts success across all aspects of life for the rest of your life.

reduced trial and error​

A coach saves time, guiding you away from research and mistakes.


They prioritize tasks, ensuring your focus on what truly matters.

cost savings

Avoiding errors and burnout safeguards financial rewards like Scholarships and NIL deals by maximizing potential.

do you talk negatively after a bad performance?

Image by Jefferson Haddox

what can you expect?

unleash your full potential

Unlock innate talents for peak personal and professional performance, maximizing your skills and potential.

legendary discipline

Cultivate Legendary Discipline, inspiring others with your unwavering focus on goals and values.

relentless dedication​

Demonstrate unwavering commitment, persistence, and resilience despite setbacks.

maximize your confidence

Boost self-belief for confident tackling of challenges and seizing opportunities.

be present

Immerse in the present, free from distractions, to make the most of each moment fully focused.

are you worried about injuries? worry no more!

what athletes are saying

athletes are saying

"I loved the game plan we came up with from the first day. It motivated me more than anything else ever has and increased my discipline nearly overnight. If you're willing to do the work and listen, this will help you."

Aaron M. - 2024 Pro Boxer


do you procrastinate? increase your discipline

Meet your
Legendary Mentality coach

Coach ron smedley

Coach Smedley stands out for customizing coaching to each individual's unique journey. Ron genuinely cares about every client. Coach Smedley blends traditional and inventive methods for holistic mental enhancement. His strategies build mental fortitude for unwavering stability, enabling success in sports and life, for the rest of your life.

are you afraid to make mistakes? learn to love them


bang for your buck

A Program Designed for You, Guaranteed. Choose What Fits!

One Payment, A Coach For Life. Literally!

With this intensive program created to maximize your potential in as little time as possible, you will gain a mentality coach for the rest of your life. Through 1 on 1 video calls, on-demand online modules, loads of e-books, and unlimited contact with your coach for life. You are guaranteed to reach heights you've to this day only dreamt of. Guaranteed results in 2 weeks or a full refund.

This is a whole life transformation! Be different athletically, academically, and as a person. Don't be cookie-cutter!

Pay Monthly, Grow, & Cancel Anytime!

This program is perfect for the athlete on a budget who wants to maximize their potential or simply try out my coaching. Come to the Monthly Live Group Meeting to ask any questions you may have, and receive a weekly dropped video along with at least 2 FREE monthly e-books to maximize your potential at your pace. Grow, transform, dominate, rinse, and repeat. Do it your way with our help!

This is a whole life transformation on your terms! Be different athletically, academically, and as a person.

Unleash your full potential through the Legendary Mentality Program, customized for athletes of all levels, from Olympians to high school talents and professionals. It eases pressure, sharpens clarity, and fuels enjoyable progress. Whether you dream of going pro, are a pro, or seek to level up, this program acts as your prime mover. If you're holding untapped potential, we'll set it free. You'll emerge transformed, immensely improved, and prepared for an epic journey. Enroll today!

this is an investment in your present & future life

not convinced?

not sure if this program is for you? not sure if it will help you?

This program has already helped 100's of athletes like you who were questioning whether it was a good fit, whether it would help, whether it was just smoke and mirrors. Being afraid to hire a mentality coach is the exact sign you need to actually do it. Do you know why you are hesitant? Self-doubt you may not even know you have, a built-in unrecognizable limited belief system, and the fear of "What if I waste my money?" 

These are legitimate concerns when you have the wrong mentality. I offer a 2-week guarantee on my intensive program for a reason, do you think I want to give people their money back? No. I want to help athletes create change and reach beyond their maximum potential, to help them achieve dreams. I believe every single athlete who comes through this program will agree that the price is not enough for what they gain by the time they finish my program, it's that transformational. The monthly program needs no guarantee, the price is about what you pay for internet each month and you can cancel anytime.

You will not find a better deal on a mentality program for what you receive, a lifetime of transformation in every area of your life, guaranteed!

your pace monthly legendary
mentality program


how do you see your future? legendary?


how do i know if i need mentality coaching?

You need one if you have never worked with a mentality coach directly, period. It doesn't matter whether you're an amateur or a pro a mentality coach will help you perform at a higher level guaranteed.

are there any age restrictions for coaching?

A Legendary Mentality is best for ages 11+, there is no maximum age.

do you offer 1 on 1 and group intensive sessions?

Most clients prefer 1 on 1. If you are a team or multiple athletes you want to enroll in the 60-Day Intensive I can do group sessions at a discount. Message me for more details.

what are the payment options for coaching?

You can pay securely through Stripe using the link above this section. Credit card, Debit card, Google Pay as of today.

what if i'm not satisfied with my coaching?

I do not believe that will be a problem, but the 60-day Intensive guarantees you a full refund if you are unsatisfied after the first 2 weeks.

is mentality coaching just for athletes?

Absolutely not. I work with athletes because I love sports but this program will help anyone wanting to achieve more in life or their career.

are the coaching sessions confidential?

100%! The only things I will ever share are the review videos or review comments you explicitly tell me I can use for marketing purposes.

how can i prepare for my first session?

All you need to do is come to the session with an open mind, ready and willing to learn something new and do sports and life differently than you previously have.

can i really message you anytime for the rest of my life?

Simple answer, YES! With the purchase of the Intensive Program, now I do need sleep and so do you but I will respond to "every" message usually within 24 hours.

are your dreams worth it? i believe they are!

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